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Bezawit Hailegiorgis.

Ethiopian journalist's wife urges UK and US to cal…

27 February, 2017

By Jason Burke Bezawit Hailegiorgis says western powers could help free Anania Sorri, one of tens of thousands held in Ethiopia since last year The wife of a blogger and journalist detained in Ethiopia has called on the international community to pressure local authorities to release her husband, who is among tens of thousands held since a state of emergency was declared in the emerging east African power last year.

Tech News


Ethiopia: simpler phone, smarter choice?

27 February, 2017

The World Mobile Congress gets underway in Barcelona on Monday and one highlight is the reported relaunch of the Nokia 3310. In parts of Africa, simpler phones are coveted because they are robust and cheap.


Hailu Robele.

Silver City’s own Ethiopian chef shares recipes an…

26 February, 2017

It’s a Wednesday night and Hailu Robele is engrossed in a favorite hobby in his Silver City home. He is focused, yet merry, as he tosses garlic and spices into a dish bubbling on the stove without measuring anything. The kitchen smells wonderful, and it’s obvious even before tasting anything that he has mastered this favorite hobby of his.


Ethiopian migrants in Italy.

In A Small Ethiopian Town, That Fateful Choice To …

26 February, 2017

While the EU seeks an agreement with Libya to halt the influx of migrants across the Mediterranean, the prospect of a better life elsewhere is what all in rural Ethiopia talk about. AGARFA, ETHIOPIA - A soldier chews on a leaf of khat, a mild stimulant, and spits it on the ground. "Hey you, ferenji, how much do you want to take me with you to Italy?" he asks me, laughing with his comrade. Ferenji means stranger in Amharic, Ethiopia’s official...

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Just Say

Join Me in My Letter to President Trump

27 February, 2017

By Prof. Al Mariam Author’s Note: Below is a copy of the letter I sent to President Donald Trump by email and U.S. mail. I am asking particularly all pro-democracy Ethiopian Americans and other Americans who believe in freedom, the rule of law, democracy and human rights to join me in sending letters and emails to President Trump and their representatives in Congress to register their alarm and outrage over the massive lobbying effort currently underway by the regime in Ethiopia to...


Xenophobia bus

Am I an African? On xenophobia and violence in Sou…

24 February, 2017

By Angelo Fick We like to tell ourselves we are better. We pride ourselves on being survivors of the fires of history. We are told we live in a country of believers. We have prayers at many occasions of state. But we also tell ourselves we are different, special, "not like other Africans, generally". Such stories we tell of ourselves, sometimes believing the tales, sometimes telling them compulsively because we have to hide from harsher, less palatable truths about ourselves.

Political Analysis

Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

East Africa: Farmajo Gives Horn of Africa Fresh Ho…

23 February, 2017

By Zakaria Yusuf and Abdul Khalif The election of Somalia's new president Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo offers the country's international partners a new opportunity to step up efforts in advancing peace and stability in Somalia as well as the wider Horn of Africa.




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